Visit The Cueva de Los Verdes


The Cueva de Los Verdes is, without a doubt, one of the tourist destinations that you cannot miss within the municipality of Haría, in the north of Lanzarote, as it is located inside a volcanic tunnel that is up to 6 km long, which could be formed thanks to the eruptions of the La Corona … Leer más

Recipe Canarian Potato Broth


Sharing recipes is a fun hobby, even more so to receive your comments about this special recipe, encourage yourself to comment on it. My wish is that everything goes very well, I am a little indisposed, although this is due to the spring absence, a way to define this time of the year, when I … Leer más

Hotel Princess Yaiza Lanzarote


The Hotel Princesa Yaiza Lanzarote all-inclusive package includes unbeatable packages designed for the enjoyment of families and lovers with vacation plans and prices best suited for enjoyment, fabulous entertainment, special celebrations and unforgettable experiences. For guests travelling together or in groups, we have a special family package that includes the comfortable transfer from the airport … Leer más

What Does “Luck is Cast” (Alea iacta est) Mean?


It is almost impossible that you have never heard the famous phrase:”Luck is cast“. If we haven’t used it before, I’m sure we’ve heard it from someone close to us. Today we are going to bring a bit of History and go deeper into the origin and meaning of this famous quote. Alea boasts est, … Leer más

Hotel Gran Castillo Tagoro Family & Fun Playa Blanca


Cuando se trata de días únicos, diversión, disfrute al máximo y las experiencias más inolvidables, conviene buscar el hotel adecuado, uno que ofrezca todos los requisitos mínimos para que la estadía sea la mejor. Ahora bien, cuando el destino son las Canarias, el Hotel Gran Castillo Tagoro Family & Fun Playa Blanca es una excelente … Leer más

How to Attract Good Luck?


We always hear a lot about good luck and bad luck and that is that at some moments in our lives we have the feeling that we are going through a streak of bad luck. Have you ever felt like you have more problems? Have you ever felt that money is not enough and love … Leer más