How to Attract Good Luck?

We always hear a lot about good luck and bad luck and that is that at some moments in our lives we have the feeling that we are going through a streak of bad luck. Have you ever felt like you have more problems?

Have you ever felt that money is not enough and love does not come or is destroyed? Well, the reason is because we don’t attract luck, but how do you get lucky when everything seems to be falling apart around us?

Today I will tell you that it is possible to achieve it and best of all how to attract good luck.

How to Attract Good Luck?

How to have good luck?

First of all, we must analyze our lives, it is important that we sit in a place to think in a sincere way the direction we have given it and those things that we want to happen in it, bad luck is a product of the bad energies that surround us.

The energy of evil is very powerful because it feeds on hatred, envy and resentment, which is why you must always protect yourself from all this, but how?

To begin with, you must first clear your mind of each and every negative idea that surrounds you, what are those negative ideas?

lucky clover

We are the product of energies, negative energies are transmitted and formed when we begin to think that we are not capable of something, when we consider that nothing is worthwhile, when we minimize our being and our possibilities.

You must open your mind and consider everything in positive, so that the rituals I will advise you later on can take effect to end bad luck and welcome good luck.

3 Rituals to attract good luck

These are some of the good luck rituals that work to ward off bad energies that produce us not having good luck.

You can use whichever one comes closest to your needs, however all can be practiced.

1. Wood and cinnamon: In these cases, wood serves as a ritual for good luck because it is an insulator of bad fortune and vibrations charged with all the bad energy.

Cinnamon is a purifier we use to clean our house and body in order to eliminate all bad luck that may be impregnated.

The way the ritual is performed is as follows:


Take a piece of wood that is flat and uniform, can be oval or square in shape the important thing is that it has a regular shape, take the cinnamon and light it, the smoke that releases the cinnamon you must take it to all corners of your house, in order to purify it and keep away bad luck.

2. Lemon and glass: For this ritual it is important that we take a glass container, it can also be a glass, the important thing is that it is wide enough to introduce the lemons.

You must choose three green lemons, they cannot have a single yellow spot because they will not work for our ritual.

This you should put in your room on your nightstand, so that you can attract love and prosperity.

Unlike our first ritual, this is used to call for good energies and achieve what we want so much. Once the lemons lose their green hue, they must be replaced by new ones.

3. Green candles and sugar: Within the rituals to attract good luck, sugar is another of the elements that purify and attract good energies. For this ritual you must get three green candles, a small dish and sugar.

Place the sugar on the small plate without putting too much sugar and place the three candles on it.

Green means good luck and prosperity, light is a source of life and energy and removes bad energies characterized by darkness.

The sugar as a purifier must always be on the plate, once it is finished or put another color that is not white, you must replace it as well as the candles.

Lucky Charms


There are a multitude of lucky charms, each with its origin and particular qualities and that Internet has brought us closer to our homes.

Here is a list of the most popular and well-known ones:

  • Maneki – Neko: These are the typical lucky cats we see moving their left paw almost continuously. Typical of Japan and are usually placed at the entrance of shops.
  • Elephants: I’m sure you’ve seen more than one elephant on a shelf, with the trunk facing up. Instead of using them to attract good fortune, they are used to ward off bad luck.
  • Horseshoe: Usually used to scare away the evil eye and is usually nailed over the doorway frame. Certainly one of the most popular lucky charms I know.
  • Beetle: The Egyptians already used it as a talisman to protect themselves from disease. They can often be found in the hieroglyphics.
  • Acorn: It is associated with good luck, prosperity, youth and power.
  • Rabbit’s foot: Perhaps one of the most popular homemade lucky charms. There is evidence that it has been in use since 600 B. C. by the Celts.

There are more powerful and protective rituals, incantations, spells, amulets and talismans to call luck as well as plants that attract the positive energy that can help us like having a four-leaf clover (I have one in my house planted, ha. ja. ja. that you want me to tell you 😉 click on the link and find out how I get it.

Greetings and Good Luck!!