Lanzarote is synonymous with volcanoes, lava fields, rocks of impossible shapes, black and reddish earth that contrasts with the typical white houses and the blue sea and sky.

The landscape of the easternmost island of the Canary Islands is characterized by arid mountains that rise gently, beautiful beaches of white and golden sand… and by the silence that is also part of the enigmatic landscape… The island, which is part of the Biosphere Reserve, is home to lively resorts and small villages where you can breathe tranquility.

The island, which has been declared a Biosphere Reserve, is home to lively resorts and small villages where you can breathe tranquility. The large hotels and bungalows of the coastal towns such as Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca coexist with the country houses, villas and charming rural hotels of the inland villages.

Lanzarote, an island of contrasts

Lanzarote has developed sustainably and in harmony with the environment, thanks largely to the tireless work of the universal artist César Manrique, who transmitted to his compatriots not only his enormous talent, but also the love and respect for his land.

In addition to its breathtaking landscapes, sometimes reminiscent of the surface of Mars, Lanzarote fascinates by the wonder that emerges from its volcanic soil.

Sun and sea: a perfect combination

Many of Lanzarote's beaches are ideal for the youngest members of the family, as they are protected from the waves and currents, as are the natural pools formed under the protection of the tongues of lava that reached the sea after the eruptions.

Explore volcanic landscapes

Timanfaya National Park, the maximum expression of volcanism on the island and one of the most representative landscapes of the Canary archipelago. The Fire Mountains can be visited on a guided bus tour, where you will feel overwhelmed by a colorful horizon occupied by volcanic cones, lava fields, rocks with whimsical shapes, etc.. A set for which nature has chosen a particular palette of colors, mixing reds and oranges with ochers, browns and blacks.

And that's not all, because volcanism is found in every corner of Lanzarote: on the coast, in the fields and in the inland villages.

A unique wine landscape in the world

The landscape of La Geria is one of the biggest surprises of Lanzarote. A traditional technique that is complemented by the characteristic stone walls to protect the vines from the wind, creating a spectacular landscape unique in the world.

Don't leave without tasting them! The wines of the Malvasia Volcanica variety, unique in the world, of great quality for its balance, flavor and fragrance.

Places where art and nature merge

Lanzarote was fortunate to have the brilliant César Manrique, a universal and multifaceted artist who combined art and nature like no one else.

The Mirador del Rio, a natural viewpoint on the impressive cliffs of Famara is perfectly integrated into the environment and offers spectacular views of the Chinijo archipelago, formed by the island of La Graciosa and four islets.

Also worth seeing is the museum house of César Manrique in Haría, an old farmhouse in a palm grove that he himself restored to live and work there until his death in a traffic accident in 1992.

Lanzarote, a sportsman's paradise

The island has earned a permanent place in the training programs of the best European athletes, especially in the winter months, when the cold of the continent makes it impossible to practice outdoor sports.

Running, cycling, water sports of all kinds... There is no discipline that can resist Lanzarote, thanks to its exceptional climate all year round, its privileged environment and a wide range of accommodation, facilities and first-class services to satisfy even the most demanding needs.

Villages in the midst of volcanoes

The successive volcanic eruptions that have shaped today's landscape have been equally decisive for settlements where life takes place among volcanoes and lava.

In fact, in the vast area occupied by the Volcanoes Natural Park, there is only one population center, El Golfo, a picturesque fishing village that must be visited to taste the delicious fresh fish. Yaiza, the first European enclave in the Canary Islands, is located on the edge of the area engulfed by the volcanic eruptions of Timanfaya.

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